Welcome to BRANSON Holdings

Welcome to BRANSON Holdings

We are a reliable provider of high-quality products that fulfill an essential need for people in South Africa. We take great satisfaction in offering value to our customers without compromising on quality.


SPS and MPSG’s standby power units designed to keep electronic appliances working through electricity outages.

JEEP® E-Bikes

Designed for peak performance in rugged conditions. Jeep® branded products are created for living life without limits.

FLUES & MORE Products

Various high quality imported products, including top grade stainless steel, seamless flue pipe systems for fireplace chimneys, moisture meters, thermal fans and more.

Great value without compromising CUSTOMER SATIFSFACTION

SMART POWER SYSTEMS Uninterrupted Power Supply

MPSG Range – UPS Inverter with Pure Sine Wave

Designed to work inside your home or business

The MPSG is designed to work inside your home or business providing clean, pure sine electricity if the power goes off. If the electricity fails the MPSG takes over instantly, providing uninterrupted power to your electronics.

MPPT solar controller

A built-in MPPT solar controller can also provide power away from the grid. Ideal for remote locations, smallholdings, farms or camping trips. A solar panel Is not required to run the power station but can be added at any time.

Lithium Battery Solar System (MPSG)

The Lithium Battery Solar System (MPSG) can either be; charged from a standard wall socket; connected to a solar panel; or plugged into a wall socket and solar panel at the same time.

MPSG-500 lithium battery

The MPSG-500 lithium battery would run an average modern 50″ flat screen LCD TV (100W), DSTV decoder (30W), low energy lamp (10W) and wi-fi router (10W) for over 3 hours. Alternatively, a standard laptop (50W) for over 9 hours.

Best selling Smart Power Systems

SPS 1000
Starts at R8 990.00

1000w/1.5kva Pure sine wave 24v UPS system with built-in solar controller

Priced at R15 390.00

1000w Pure sine wave lithium solar power station 24v UPS system with built-in MPPT solar controller + 1200wh lithium-ion battery

Designed for peak performance in rugged conditions

Explore and experience nature with our Jeep® e-Bikes

Ride into the future with our electric bikes

Hardtail 27.5″ (Mid Motor) MTB

Specifications to ensure you can  make the most of exploring and experiencing the world around you.

Priced at R16 900.00

Have fun on this remarkable, space efficient, foldable e-bike that effortlessly folds into a compact size. Ideal for those with limited storage space.

Jeep® Helmets
Priced at R1 190.00

High-end in-mould helmets with adjustable size system. Made with high density EPS (expanded polystyrene), PC (Polycarbonate) Shell. Available in black or yellow and various sizes.

More from Branson Holdings

Thermal Fans

Imported thermal fans are perfect to distribute heat generated from your fireplace. It needs no external powercords or batteries and creates its own electricity using the heat of the fireplace.

Moisture Meters

This essential tool allows you to quickly and easily determine the percentage of moisture in various types of wood or building materials.

Flue Systems

Made from seamless 0.5 mm grade 304 stainless steel. A variety of stainless steel parts including 45° and 90° bends, T-pieces, wall brackets and roof boots also available.

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Great value without compromising CUSTOMER SATIFSFACTION