Drive Systems

Mid motor shows its amazing performance in higher torque and smooth cycling. With special design, mid motor can realize the coordination with frame and provide a wonderful visual design.

The torque sensor and motor controller are integrated within the motor body, offering a high quality and very affordable option compared with other mid motors on the market.


Weight: <3.500G
Max Torque: 80NM
Rated Continuous Power: 250W
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
Level of Efficiency: >= 80%
Rated Voltage: 36V


Weight: 2.700G
Rated Voltage: 36W

Max Torque: 40NM

Rated Continuous Power: 250W
Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
Level of efficiency: >= 80%
Reduction Ratio: 1:4.3

Rear motor is designed in an energy-saving setting and has an excellent start performance with low noise and a smooth motor activating power.

This high efficient motor has a rated continuous power of 250W, a reduction ratio of 1:4.3 and a maximum torque of 40N.m. providing riders an eco-friendly and comfortable riding experience.